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  • About

    PISTOIA FLOR SRL is essentially a summary of companies who for 40 years have handled large quantities of plants both on the national and international market. Details

  • The Company

    We are the promoters of a new trend of business brokers in the nursery industry, offering a direct service from the producer to the final consumer. Details

  • Services

    Our evolution is related to the constant study of new markets, with articles and products that can satisfy the continuous changes in consumption. Details

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    We look forward to cooperate with you to satisfy you at the best. Details

Pistoia Flor SRL

"Convenience, experience and professionalism for 40 years - 3 aspects that set us apart!"

A new way in the marketing of ornamental plants with PISTOIAFLOR. For over 40 years we have been offering fast deliveries, uniform quality in every order, more than 2000 varieties of trees, conifers, climbers, palms, grasses, water plants, topiary art, giant outdoor bonsais, and specimens. Over 1000 growers can ensure a direct service from the field to the final customer with real savings. Administrative assistance, documents, excellent customer care..

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